Wherever You Travel

Travel editorial

Endurance Unlimited is in your back-pocket wherever you travel. Just change the faces, and maybe the accents, but your potential exercise buddies are everywhere.

  • Travel anywhere with Endurance Unlimited

  • Change your location on the left sidebar when traveling

  • Members cannot post outside of their current residence, but you can still see and join activities posted by the locals of that area

  • Post a question in the Discussion Board and have locals answer your queries

  • Tell your friends to join and spread the word, only through populating the site will you enhance your travel experience exponentially

The Endurance Unlimited team wants enduranceunltd.com to be a global network, so that each member can travel anywhere and have other members with whom to exercise. This is an attempt to create a global community where activity or exercise is the common language, but more importantly, you can exercise with locals and not fuss with scouring route guides, books, or websites to plan your activities. Whether you want to ride with a rouleur in Provence, run with a marathoner in Central Park, or glide with a skiløper outside of Oslo, Endurance Unlimited can show you when and where they will be. You can even connect with them to find out more about their workout or where they are going. Find an exercise partner wherever you travel, provided the members are there. This is why we need the world over to register for Endurance Unlimited, because only through populating the website will your exercise while traveling be this easy. If you want to sign up, bring 5 friends and tell each of them to bring 5 friends, and on and on. The company of others will enrich your exercise experiences.

There are sites that allow you to find other people interested in certain activities, there are sites that allow you to compete virtually, but this is the first site that allows you to plan and share workouts so you can join one another. You may wonder, "How do I go about finding people anywhere, just like you wrote above, and how does it work?” Simply go to your profile after signing up for your free trial, and you can change your location and activity search radius by clicking "Change Location" on the left sidebar. Here you can enter your new location to see what others are doing, but you won't be able to post an activity in a location other than your current residence. This keeps the calendar clean and strictly for those who live in the areas and know them intimately, but you can still show up to the open activities or you can utilize the Discussion Board to post a question. Do you want to find the best coffee shop in town? If you want to exercise on your own, do you want to know the best place to ski, ride, run, or hike? Do you want to know the best gear shop to service or buy equipment?  All of this can be asked in the Discussion Board, and the members of that area can answer your questions, sending you to their favorite locales.

We are constantly working on new features to enhance your experience, and we appreciate your feedback so please send it our way! If there is something that you would like to see on the site or a potential new feature, please let us know. Our members are our focus, and this is a reminder as to why there is no advertising. With a paid membership we can focus on YOU, not our advertisers, and supply you with a clean interface free from distractions. Sign up now to make the most of your active travels and tell your friends about enduranceunltd.com. Thank you!

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