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Endurance Unlimited is the meeting place for outdoor enthusiasts – from first-timers to the elite – It is relaxed. It is inclusive. It is going global; you are part of a global network fuelling your multi-sport interests. This idea was born from the thought of wanting to exercise with others but not knowing where to find them in every endurance sport. We believe in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and using technology to enrich lives. We believe in challenging the accepted forms social networking, making your network truly social. We believe in a global community, so use Endurance Unlimited wherever you travel to exercise with other members.

We at Endurance Unlimited are involved in a variety of sports, but we only know a select number of people in each sport, or worse, only one sport. We love to socialize with others and we also love to exercise, but how do we combine the two without knowing who is involved in each activity?  This is where enduranceunltd.com plays a key role in fulfilling your needs to exercise and be social. Most socializing happens rapidly nowadays and this is due to it happening online, a world where we do have have a tangible connection, a true handshake, or a real-time smile. We wanted to provide a platform where you can still be online, but the socializing happens outside, with others, in the moment, while benefiting your body and mind.

Humans need to exercise, and it is more important now than ever before. We also need to socialize because that is human nature. We want to connect to one another, we empathize, we laugh, we share, and we are social animals. This is where Endurance Unlimited bridges the gap between our highly digitalized world and our intrinsic need for socializing and exercise. Endurance Unlimited is not just another social network, it is a network that allows you to do something meaningful with others and creating a powerful connection, and that is a significant need that current social networks do not fulfill.

With the launch of Endurance Unlimited and enduranceunltd.com, we are focused on providing the platform and tools to enhance your real-life connections and fitness. We will always be working on the next update to enhance your experience, so please provide feedback. Our site is membership based, which allows us to have a clean interface free of advertising. We build the site around our members, not advertisers, so we can focus all of our work on product development for our users. Thank you for checking out the site and we look forward to exercising with you!

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