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How do register?

Registration takes less than five minutes, and is available here. You’ll be asked for your name and contact information to get started, and we’ll develop a profile based on your location and activity level and preferences. It’s easy to get started and memberships are free for life!

Is there a cost?

Endurance Unlimited is a membership-based website, which allows us to focus on our members and not advertisers. Our members have full access to the site and calendar, which allows them to connect and exercise with other Endurance Unlimited members in their community.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, you may delete your account at any time through your account settings.


Who can post an activity on the Endurance Unlimited calendar?

All registered members can post activities on their local calendars. There is no limit to how many activities you can post.

How can I post an activity on the Endurance Unlimited calendar?

Utilizing your Endurance Unlimited calendar will allow you connect with other like-minded members so you can experience great local activities together. Follow these steps to post on the calendar:

  • Login to your Endurance Unlimited account
  • Select the date and time you’d wish to schedule an activity for. Your calendar appears automatically beginning with today and the following two days, but can be adjusted for your preference.
  • Select your activity’s icon to display any posted activities within 30min. of that time. You may be able to hop into an existing event if it aligns with your desired location, exercise level, duration, distance or training goals.
  • To post a new activity, select ‘Post Activity’ on your tool bar, and enter the necessary information. You can select a personal experience with friends, or to keep it open for all members.
  • Submit your activity.

Your activity will now appear on the calendar for others to see and join.

Can I cancel an activity I’ve created or selected?

Absolutely. If you must edit or cancel an activity, you can do so by clicking the ‘edit’ button on your posted activity in the calendar. 


How can I suggest an activity be added to the calendar options?

If you were not seeing something you need, we’d love to hear from you. Please <contact us> to make your recommendation. 

Are all activities public?

Activities can be ‘public’ (for everyone to sign up or just show up) or created for ‘private groups’. Private events are great for groups on a specific training regimen or learning new program.

Can I invite friends who aren’t registered with Endurance Unlimited to participate?

Everyone is welcome. To view upcoming public activities, select the ‘public activities’ box on your customized activity calendar. Even better, tell your friends to register too, so it can be even easier to get the whole gang together.

How do invite my friends to join Endurance Unlimited?

To invite your friends to join you on Endurance Unlimited:

  • Sign in to your Endurance Unlimited account
  • Select Network on the left sidebar
  • Select ‘Invite New Friends’.
  • Enter your friends’ email addresses and click ‘Invite Friends!’

How will I find my fellow Endurance Unlimited members when I arrive for my activity?

When an activity is posted, the original member will be asked to give directions for a meeting place so that everyone can find each other quickly and easily. Special markers are not required. 

What happens if I’m unable to attend an activity I’ve signed up for?

Don’t worry about it. Life happens.

Endurance Unlimited

Where is Endurance Unlimited located?

Endurance Unlimited headquarters is located in the scenic Rocky Mountain town of Canmore, Alberta, but our team is global. Our team is made up of outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and social butterflies from around the world.

Who founded Endurance Unlimited?

Our organization was founded by Dr. Peter Rawlek, who had been lamenting for decades that he wished there was an easy way to find people to exercise with without having to sign up for a club or team. Once a Nordic skier competing on an international circuit, he felt that need for community wherever he went. As a medical practitioner, he recognized the massive impact that community played in lifestyle change. Eventually, he decided to build it himself. He really hopes you enjoy it as much as he does.

Maybe you’ll meet him on the hills one day; Peter uses Endurance Unlimited for such activities as skiing, hiking, trail running, mountain biking, lake swimming, prone paddling, and surfing (not in Canmore).

Do you have a question we haven’t answered here? Please contact us to help up improve the Endurance Unlimited experience.

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