Be Safe – Use your privacy settings properly, and it is up to you and your best judgment when it comes to exercising with new people. We provide the tools for you to set your own boundaries, but we cannot influence your choices. Choose activities responsibly and include some friends if you are uncertain about a publicly posted activity. Think before you post and share your location.

Know Your Limits and the Etiquette – Members posting activities are not necessarily medics, so know your limits and do not place others in such positions. It is your responsibility to be aware of activities that require significant differences between fitness and skill level. Know the rules and etiquette of each activity or ask for proper instruction. We understand accidents happen, but exercising within your comfort zone and being informed can prevent them.

Be Self-Supported – We have all been off the back or on our own in a new location at some point in time. Members are not required to be guides, nor is such service expected. If you are having trouble keeping up, ask for the safest route back. There is no guarantee that a group will stay together. There is a start point and an end point, and whatever happens in between has hopefully been spelled out in the activity details. If not, try connecting with other members or form a new group!

Healthy Competition – Activities posted on your calendar are not all races. Follow the Golden Rule and respect one’s activities. You have the ability to designate intensity levels, so use them properly. We love healthy competition!