9 Tips for Picking the Right Shoes - For Athletes and Active People.


We all have our preferences but there is a lot more to choosing the right footwear then just what looks good, or is marketed well. If you know how to spot a stable piece of footwear for your next running, hiking or backpacking trip, you’ll likely find a good pair for your purposes that will last and serve you well.

Check below 9 tips to help you with the task:

1. Don’t multitask – Shoes are not designed to multitask. Make sure you have a proper pair for each activity you practice often and go from there.

2. Know your foot – Ideally, you’ll have a patient assessment with a certified pedorthist. But, generally, there are three main categories of foot types:

NEUTRAL – normal foot

PRONATOR – flat foot

SUPINATOR – high arch foot

3. Sizing – Numbers are nice but they don’t necessarily work, especially after you know that foot size does change in adults! The best way to properly size your footwear is to remove the insole, place your bigger foot on top of it, put your full weight on and at the top you should have space for a finger.

4. Ski boots are a whole different story – If you are sizing them, start with your smaller foot…

5. End of the day is the best time for shopping – After a full day on your feet, they will be at their largest size. Fit your shoes then.

6. Bring your accessories – Socks, orthotics, you name it. Bring them with you and try the shoes the way you are going to use them.

7. Protecting you from injury – if you have the right footwear for the activity you are doing, chances are you’ll be protected from sprains or any other injury.

8. Testing your shoe for stability – The trick is simple: First, put some effort into bending the back of the shoe to where your heels should be. It shouldn’t bend easily. Second, holding the shoe by the back and the front, twist the shoe sideways. It should resist being twisted easily. And, finally, bend the shoe and it should bend maybe 1/3 of the way from the front, not in the middle. If you ignore the back part, this trick can be applied even on flip-flops!

9. Comfort – If you have a comfortable piece of footwear, you WILL perform better.

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