About Us


Endurance Unlimited helps people of all fitness levels from around the world come together to enjoy activity and exercise. When it’s this easy to connect, why work out alone?

Did you know that 80% of people who decide to improve their lifestyle with fitness quit after just 3-5 activities? It’s hard to stick to something when it’s all on you. Community is important for staying motivated.


Endurance Unlimited uses modern online social networks to provide old fashioned, in-person connections. We’ve made it easy, because we’re members too.

How to use the EU Calendar

Step One: Select your location

We’re close to home and wherever you are travelling.

Step Two: Review the activity calendar

See just what you want to see by selecting the activities you’d like to participate in and the skill level you’re looking for, from leisurely social activity to hardcore fitness training. You can even check out tips and insights from locals in your area.  

Step Three: Select an activity, or create your own

If you don’t see something coming up that inspires you, you may not be alone. Post something! Chances are someone else is looking for the opportunity to join you.

Step Four: Show up. Meet other members. Do your thing.

The members you meet at the designated meeting place for your activity could be locals from your area or adventurers from around the world. Say hello, and get going!

Step Five: Repeat

Stick to what you like or try a new activity or group, as many times as you like.

Have a few more questions before you get started? Check out our FAQ to find the answers you’re looking for, or contact us anytime.